Every wedding is unique, and so is everyone’s experience with Matt Marries You! Here are some words from brides, grooms, and wedding party members about Matt and how he has had the honor of celebrating them and their wedding.

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"When planning our do-it-yourself wedding, one of the first (and smartest!) decisions we made was choosing Matt as our officiant. Turning the ceremony over to Matt allowed me to focus on all the other aspects of the wedding that needed my attention, fully trusting that the most important part of the wedding was in great hands. The entire process with Matt, from the first call we had to ask us about our relationship to the day of the ceremony, kept me grounded in the most important part of the wedding—the joining of two lives in the presence of our community. My guests raved about the ceremony (I was told by more than one person that it was one of the best ceremonies they had ever attended) and specifically about the ways in which Matt personalized it to highlight our relationship and the journey we were about to begin as husband and wife. Matt’s incredible listening skills, brilliant insights and connections, and perfect combination of humor and solemnity would have me enthusiastically recommend him to anyone looking to have a ceremony that will delight and inspire all in attendance."

- Jenni K., Jenni and Hosam, 7.31.16

"We planned our wedding in a short time, but that didn't mean that we were looking for someone to shortchange us in terms of establishing a relationship with an officiant. Matt took time to meet with us, as a couple, and then gave us each separate time on the phone so that he could get to know us as individuals. The result was that he truly understood who we were - why we really love each other and why we each wanted to marry the other person. He didn't project his own ideals or interpretations of love onto us. In fact, he just helped two people (who don't really express their deep feelings very well) express those feelings in front of the people they love the most. There's nothing corny or fake about Matt. He is utterly genuine, incredibly thoughtful and very real. If we had searched high and low for months and months, we would not have found a better officiant anywhere - I am absolutely confident when I say that. Matt is the kind of officiant who doesn't just do the job for the day - he's part of your family. And what an honor. Words can't express how grateful we are to have had Matt presiding over us on the day we said 'we will.'"

- Christina D., Christina and Damian, 9.21.16

"Matt took the time to create a spiritual context for Christina and Damian's relationship. Christina reported how helpful Matt's meetings were in communicating and appreciating who they are and what matters to them. Their comfort and trust in Matt were reflected in what my husband and I saw in the bride and groom's eyes as they spoke their vows. Matt inspired them to speak their truth to each other and in front of their honored, loving parents and family. Liturgy that is uniquely designed does that. I've witnessed many officiants; few can convey their appreciation of the couple without having been a family member or a close friend of many years. Matt did that in one month that has created an appreciation to last a lifetime. Christina's father, uncle and I are so grateful for Matt's compassion, sensitivity, graciousness and overall requisite talent and intention for celebrating their love and commitment with their parents and family on one of the most important days of our lives."

- Barbara, Mother of the Bride, Christina and Damian, 9.21.16

Photo by Stig Norling

Photo by Stig Norling

"After several years and two kids with my Swedish partner we decided to finally get married at Nick's Cove in March of 2017. We chose Matt to officiate and felt honored to have him there navigating us through the process up to the sweet ceremony and special day. Matt offers a beautiful balance of sincerity while also responding naturally to the present moment. In our discussions leading up to the day, he was curious while also guiding and answering any questions in the process. And what a juggler - he responded with grace and good humor to guests from other countries and to naturally inquisitive children! I trust his intuition and believe in his good will. Lastly, I know he approached his writing and speaking with focus and intention and know he brought his whole self to the task. We recommend him highly."

-Jessica D., Jessica and Torkel, 3.24.17

“Thanks to Matt and his terrific coaching!! Public speaking is one of my greatest fears, but after meeting with Matt, I felt at ease presenting my “mother-of-the-bride” speech at my daughters June wedding. Matt gave several GREAT tips which helped me stay clear, focused and relaxed. THANK YOU, Matt!!”

Sue C., Mother of the Bride, Kelsey and Andrew, 6.16.18

“Matt was a wonderful officiant for our wedding this past summer! We did one-on-one chats so he could learn what my husband and I like so much about each other which really helped to personalize our ceremony. He was even able to include some song lyrics in a surprising and amazing way from a song that kept coming up in the days before our wedding once we all arrived to the international destination. It got everyone laughing which is just what we were looking for! Matt was there for us and helped with any questions or concerns through every step of the process. I would definitely recommend him!”

-Sarah H., Sarah and David, 6.18.18

Photo by  Beth McMurphy  ; Touch-up by  Joseph Pignati

Photo by Beth McMurphy ; Touch-up by Joseph Pignati

“Matt did an absolutely amazing job with our wedding!!! He wrote a truly wonderful ceremony, both touching and humorous. He coordinated with our Resort and made sure that we had the best wedding possible!!! He knew everything we wanted and made it happen. I cannot say enough about how amazing he is!!!”

-David H., Sarah and David, 6.18.18

Matt was recommended to us by Nick's Cove & Cottages where we had our reception. He was accommodating during the planning stages by being accessible by email/phone as we planned the wedding from out of town. When we finally met Matt in person, we were impressed at how seriously he took our very short ceremony and walk-through of the venue that we felt confident about trusting him with the most important part of our day. Matt conducted the rehearsal well and gave great tips/reminders to our wedding party about projecting our voices and where/how to stand for the photographers. While Matt could have easily used a standard script, he made the effort to make our ceremony special by getting to know us and share what we love about each other to our families. He did such a great job that a family member mistook Matt for an old friend who got ordained online to marry us. Thanks again, Matt!

-Maria and Adam W., 9.22.18

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Banner Photo by Jeannie Mutrais (@jeanniemutrais)