Necessary Elements 

All Marriage Ceremonies Require the following elements from a wedding officiant:

  • Invocation (Spoken words reminding us of why we are gathered and what marriage means)

  • Declaration of Intent (The exchange of, and commitment to, vows)

  • Pronouncement and Introduction (The official announcement of a newly wed couple)

     Matt will craft the language of these elements to fit your preferences, needs, and vision for your ceremony.  All other parts of the ceremony are entirely up to you, and Matt will happily guide you through the process!

Ways to personalize your ceremony

  • Music you love sets the scene and engages your guests

  • Include readings that speak to your relationship

  • Add a meaningful ritual element: ring warming, wine blessing, unity ceremony

  • Choose a theme or location that is special and representative of your relationship

COMING SOON:  Be sure to check soon for lists and links to a variety of recommended wedding vendors!

Banner photo by Ron Swanson